Niki Kennedy-Reed

Staff Instructor/Choreographer

Niki has worked with dancers Chloe and Lily K. from the hit show Dance Moms. She has vast experience as a studio owner, competition judge and running her company, Triple Threat Talent Tour.

Niki Kennedy-Reed has been involved in the performing arts since the young age of 4. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Binghampton University, where she studied Theatre and Dance. During her time in college she was cast as a lead dancer in the dance showcase “Wish”, and spent her college years invested in “Children’s Dance Theatre”, appointed as a performer, choreographer, costume designer and student manager.

Since receiving her Bachelor’s Degree, Niki successfully owned a performing arts center in Upstate New York for 9 seasons. Students from the KPAC can be seen at well-known universities studying dance and theatre, and working professionally in the performing arts industry.

In recent years, Niki has turned her focus to choreography and workshops with her company Triple Threat Talent Tour. She has also spent many seasons traveling as a competition judge and director.

Through Niki’s career she has helped numerous talented youths get signed to agencies and book jobs in the entertainment industry. Niki’s choreography can be seen featured on Teen Choice Dancer, Chloe Lukasiak’s YouTube and social media outlets with her solo “Thick Skin”. You can also find her creations on YouTube sensation Lily K’s channel with “Picking up the Pieces” and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”.