About Us

Our Mission Statement

  • To provide world-class quality and personal dance education to all students with the drive to learn, by employing industry-leading instructors and maintaining leading-edge facilities.
  • To give our students experiences that they can draw on for the rest of their lives, learn to overcome challenges through discipline and dedication, and become the leaders of their communities.
  • To provide state-of-the art facilities, updated as new technology and methods become available.
  • To maintain a strict focus on safety and cleanliness.

Our Student Motto

  • Compassion: For yourself and others.
  • Integrity: To always identify and do what is right even if no one is observing.
  • Dedication: To overcome the impossible with pride through teamwork and positive motivation for self and others.

Our Facilities


We have invested considerable resources to provide the highest quality facilities and instruction available. We are proud to offer a state of the art, world-class, dance facility. Spa City Dance and the Arts is the only studio in the area with full sprung, interlaced-wood, Marley dance floors. Many studios will use foam over concrete, this is not a sprung dance floor. A proper sprung dance floor involves a layered web pattern of wood that is designed in intricate detail to ensure that every point on the floor has an equal and adequate amount of spring action. The wood web is covered in a strong plywood that is coated and sealed to prevent moisture damage and splintering, and covered with Marley.

We also have the pleasure to work with some of the best instructors in the industry. We invest in our instructors, we choose those we find possess certain traits-compassion, integrity, and dedication, and then we invest time and other resources to ensure that they have the tools they need. They represent our student motto, which is Compassion, Integrity, and Dedication. We are not just teaching dance, our students are receiving conditioning through experiences that they will draw on for the rest of their lives. We expect them to lead their communities in the future, and so we do our part by teaching them these core values that will impact how they get there and how they treat others when they do.

We also put heavy emphasis on acceptance of others. We all have different skills and beliefs, and it’s our jobs to teach them to judge others by their standards, not our own. In our progression and growth as human beings, Safety, Feelings of Belonging, and Self-Esteem, are the first building blocks on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Everyone needs to feel these to realize their full maturity and reach their potentials.


Our building is located in a convenient location, just south of downtown Ballston Spa, off exit 12 on the Northway. We began with 2 dance rooms, utilizing one of the four commercial suites, and have since expanded, now utilitizing half the building.


Let's take a look inside! We have expanded to include 3 dance rooms, with option of a fourth in the future. We offer 3 bathrooms and 2 changing rooms, as well as a large waiting area. Our waiting areas are equipped with large TVs that broadcast our classes for parents to watch while waiting. Of course, you can also drop your child off and return at the end of their class. We designed full-sprung wood-woven Marley dance floors, considered the safest and best in the industry. We are the only studio in our area to offer them. For more information on our floors,  About Our Floors.