Mathew Adair, M.Eng.

Owner, Director of Finance and Information Services

Mathew Adair Biography Picture

Mathew Adair is an honored and protected veteran of the United States Navy. He served as a nuclear mechanical engineer and Petty Officer, following Sept 11th, 2001, aboard the USS Dallas fast attack submarine based in Groton, Ct. The USS Dallas was a special operations sub, fitted with a dock to deploy SEAL teams underwater for undetectable special forces missions. It was capable of reaching anywhere in the world within 1-2 weeks for search and destroy, intelligence, special operations deployment, mine warfare and torpedo/missile delivery and was almost completely undetectable while running silent. He held a secret level clearance with the Department of Defense. His main responsibilities were operation and maintenance of the sub's nuclear reactor and loading and launching of torpedoes and missiles during General Quarters - his battlestation during ship-to-ship/ship-to-shore combat. His service included wartime deployment in response to the terrorist attacks of 2001, to support the Global War on Terrorism. Details of his locations and witnessed events are still classified top secret, suffice to say his ship's motto was "First in Harm's Way", and that is exactly where he was. He was honorably discharged in 2004 with a service related permanent disability following his years of commendable service.

Following his transition to civilian life, he went through a difficult battle with Complex PTSD and facing the events he had been through. He found great solice in the friends and family he has around him. Since the opening of the studio, it has been a great blessing in his life, and the acceptance and understanding he found in so many people allowed him to see himself as a great person, and not a reflection of events he has faced. He learned that there is no shame in fear, and courage is the ability to act in the face of terror and hopelessness and to be able to forgive yourself. They instilled in him a great empathy and care for other people and the difficulties they face, big and small. It led to the defining of our student motto: Compassion, Integrity, and Dedication. Having compassion not only for others, but also for yourself. To always identify and do what is right, even if no one will ever know. Dedication to overcome the impossible in your life with pride. The studio is his purpose and meaning. He hopes to create a place where he can have a positive influence on the lives of others and ensure that every person feels safe, valued, and accepted.

He went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Mechanical Engineering Technology from Excelsior College and a Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering from Penn State, graduating with honors. He is a Senior Automation Engineer, and has worked in many industries, including nuclear, solar, power generation, paper, semi-conductor manufacturing, and now pharmaceutical manufacturing. Matt is a Subject Matter Expert in programming, mechanical and electrical engineering, controls engineering, Systems Lifecycle and Project Management, and Information Services/IT.

Matt designed the building layout, expansions, our signature full-sprung Marley dance floors, and built a good majority of the facilities. His main focus is managing the business bookkeeping and accounting, technical maintenance and IS systems, and business marketing.