Abigail Aldrich

Student Instructor/Choreographer

Abby is an enthusiastic choreographer who has been dancing since the age of four and teaching since the age of 14. When Abby first hit the stage, she was immediately recognized for her outstanding expressions onstage and flexibility. At the age of nine, Abby was selected to attend an invite-only Hollywood Summer Tour with Menina Fortunato. While attending, Abby worked with stellar dancers such as “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 10 winner, Fikshun. There, Abby was able to gain experience and skills that she still holds on with her to this day. Throughout her teen and senior years, Abby has received many first overall placements, as well as special awards for technique, facials, and presentation.

Abby is honored to have the ability to teach at SCDA. The young dancers mean the world to her and they create a beautiful place for her. Abby strives to not only better a dancer’s technique, but also constantly stress the importance of keeping a good mindset. Abby’s dancers have received special awards for their talents and abilities to showcase her choreography, and she could not be more proud of them.

As Abby’s senior year approaches, she can not wait for the opportunities that are just around the corner. She is so happy to be a big part of SCDA and is hopeful for the future of her dancers and herself.